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Should I write about this on my Korea blog?

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Apr 22 2015

I made a flowchart! For everyone who thinks my blog doesn’t have enough pictures, here you go.

(Click image to embiggen)

should i write this on my korea blog infographic

Explanation: I was going to do a short blog update and let you know what’s going on and why I haven’t updated much recently. Then I thought I could explain that with a flowchart. Then I started thinking it was pretty good advice for anyone who does a Korea blog for more than their friends and family, and decided to do a good job of it. And that is how my day disappeared.

These points have been made before of course, particularly by Roboseyo here.  Consequently my flowchart goes dangerously close to auto-cannibalizing itself and slides narrowly through the crucible of its own logic with the dubious argument, “Well, nobody’s ever said it in infographic form before…” Still, as long as posts as infuriating as this one from the Korea Observer keep getting published, these things could probably stand repeating.

And yes, I do realise that I’ve failed my own flowchart on more than one occasion, particularly in some of my earlier posts. Call it aspirational.

There are a couple of personal reasons, also, why I sometimes go a while without blogging. Sometimes the ideas I have seem overwhelming and I don’t know where to start. Sometimes I’m busy. And quite often I “have no inspiration”, aka I’m lazy.

Blog changes: I’m getting rid of the “Ask Waegukin Uncle” thing. I created it in the hope of getting ideas for new posts. I thought it would either work, or nobody would send me emails. As it turned out, people constantly send me emails, but 95 percent of them are identical. They are all some version of, “I’m a 28 year old Asian-American male with a BA in French literature, but my grades are only average. I’ve done some tutoring work and have good references. What do you think are my chances of getting a job with EPIK?” To which I can only answer, I have no idea. I’m neither a psychic nor a recruiter; put together the best application you can, apply, and find out.

I’ll leave the “Ask” section up, as it does cut down on people filling the comments sections with these sorts of questions. I do try my best to answer the emails, however the idea that I’m going to get a bunch of interesting posts from people’s questions is clearly not going to happen.

If you want to share the flowchart, copy and paste the following:

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3 comments on “Should I write about this on my Korea blog?”

  1. newspaperman says:

    This is a fantastic and accurate chart. Kudos!

  2. Maybe says:

    Maybe you’re being a bit overly cautious?

  3. Waegukin says:

    Which criterion do you think I can ignore?

    I realise output on this blog has been pretty slack of late, but that’s mostly laziness/lack of time. I have a few things I know I can write about, and hopefully I’ll get to them soon.

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