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How competitive is EPIK? An answer

United Colors of EPIK: EPIK likes to highlight racial diversity in its promotional materials, while being more equivocal on things like age and attractiveness.
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Jun 24 2014

One of the questions I’m often asked is, “How difficult is it to get in to the EPIK program?” I even wrote a long post about this, doing my best to infer the answer from economic data and Google Insights. My conclusion, broadly, was that it was not as hard to get into EPIK as people often suggested.

But it was impossible to say for sure, because while EPIK regularly reveals how many teachers it places in schools each semester, they’ve been coy about how many applicants they receive.

So I was very surprised when I received the latest edition of the EPIK newsletter, which contained this interesting revelation:

This past spring we launched our recruitment for Fall term and it received a huge response! We had over 2,000 applications!

While it’s not an exact number, it’s enough to work from. Previous editions of the newsletter, as I wrote here, gave the numbers on how many new teachers EPIK placed in schools each semester. It varies a bit, but tends to be between 600 and 900, with perhaps a slight downward trend.

So, putting the two numbers together, it would seem that your chances of getting in to EPIK are approximately one chance in three, and probably not worse than one chance in four.

As I’ve written in the past, there is a lot you can do to increase those chances, and I still maintain that if you meet the requirements, get your application in early, meet the demographic profile, and don’t bomb your interview, your chances of being accepted are still very, very good. For all my other advice on this, please see the Waegukin Big Guide to Teaching English in Korea.

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One comment on “How competitive is EPIK? An answer”

  1. Scroozle says:

    Prior teaching experience, and letters of reference coming from people living in Korea can also help. Also if you express interest in working in the provinces, rather than the large metropolitan areas.

    [Should be noted that as far as I know, funding for the EPIK program for 2016 has yet to be secured. People wanting to renew for 2015 should be okay, but things are up in the air for everyone else]

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